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陳世億 Metter

  He concentrates his attention on tea-set design more than twenty years, and always firmly believe that Chinese tea-set is a bridge to show eastern culture. Cultural imagery plus variety of lines and composite material with ever changing glaze. The perfect combination of modern and traditional together, and show eastern culture to the public in different appearance through small and exquisite tea-set.

陳世河 Steven

  His family was renowned for ceramic craftsmanship in Yingge, the famous ceramic art town in Taiwan. He was surrounded by ceramics and glasses in his growing stage. Started to design products when senior high. After demobilized, he had taken jobs as 3D animator, film cutter, and video special effects master. During this period, he cultivated a sharp sense of beauty about curves, dimensions, and space. Now, he serve as not only direct of business, but a designer in Eilong. To understand the trend of product and first-hand information that consumers expect in the process of intensive contact with market. So that the design works have both market uniqueness and practicability.

謝玉茹 Betti

  She is a designer who came from countryside in Chiayi. She was affected by rural lifestyle which is leisurely, carefree, hospitable, and passionate. Her design works are always show feature of happy and pleased with oneself, also uninhibited enthusiasm. Owing to the multi-industry experiences in workplace about 15 years, she can create a work which closer to people’s needs with perspective of broader and delicate. Due to love to do free-living and exhilarating things, she hope that her design can bring people surprise, joyous, and warm, just like presents.

郭秉穠 Miles


       She is an ailurophile who seizes the day and love to design, majoring in industrial design. She is interested in everything, especially reading and traveling. She thought that design was inspired by a variety of experiences in life. Every detail all can inspire designer, only live earnestly can make a good design. Designers put their emotions and experiences to the products, and expect that can strike a chord with users. Also, can having a cultural communication of spirit perspective.