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 Business Cooperation

  If you or your company is interested in cooperation with the ideas or chances with us please send an e-mail to us, our email address is, or make a phone call to us. We will notify our relevant sales person in charge to reply and contact with you.


Distributor and Agent

  Welcomes to negotiate with us about agent, distributor or wholesale, we will provide a product with unique design, marketing and other related aids. If you or your company is located in Greater China Group, please check “Shops and Distributor Information” on our website, and you or your company can easy to find the nearest distributor. If you interested in becoming Eilong’s distributor, the following message may help you or your company.


Privacy Policy

  Our company’s website and your information security is the primary requirement of our website. We collect the following information and use them under the following conditions



1. We will contact you or your company according to the information you or your company retained, and log in our company’s Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).


2. Making a quotation or delivery order according to the information you or your company retained.


3. We will send our company’s latest product or important message notification according to the information you or your company retained. If you do not agree this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, please do not leave any information on Eilong website, otherwise, we will regard you as agree the above information you or your company retained. You and your company’s data privacy is our primary concern. All information we collected will be limited for quoting, order processing, connecting or notifying messages. Eilong will not sell or exchange you or your company’s data to third party. In you or your company’s data retention, we need your company name, contact name, country, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and company address. This information can help us expedite you or your company’s inquiries and follow-up procedures. Also, we will send our e-catalog by e-mail, and let you or your company understand our new product more. If you or your company no longer wishes to receive any e-mail of Eilong at any time, please contact us by e-mail, fax or call to tell us. We will cease to send any messages immediately.



Payment Terms


Overseas Customers Mode of TradingAdopting T/T payment, commodity procurement or customer specified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) need to pay a deposit first, or in accordance with “Delivery Service” in Eilong website’s instructions to remit transaction. You can use credit card or PAYPAL to pay if it is micro transaction, but the use of PAYPAL payments needs 5% plus surcharge.


Greater China Group Customers Mode of TradingPlease contact the nearest of you or your company’s retail shops or distributor to negotiate directly. Adopting T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) payment, large amount purchase or customer specified OEM need to pay a deposit first.


Taiwan Area Customers Mode of TradingUse T/T payment, cash on delivery, or check to pay, but large amount purchase or customer specified OEM need to pay a deposit first.



Freight Service


Overseas Customers Shipping A small amount of goods (suit for under volumes 1 CBM) can delivery by FedEx, TNT, and UPS express, and the delivery time is about 2~6 days. Please provide us your express account number in order to arrange delivery issues. Because of our products are fragile items, utmost does not recommend delivering by EMS, so we would not responsible for the loss that EMS caused. We can arrange air or sea transportation for you about the massive goods (please refer to the instructions on our website’s “Delivery Service”), and the buyer bears the freight.


Greater China Group Customers ShippingThe express shipping is about 1~3 days, or truck shipping is 3~6 days, and the buyer bears the freight.


Taiwan Area Customers ShippingWe will Ship by express uniformly. (Taiwan Proper is 1 day, Outlying islands is 2~3 days.)


  Most of existing stock of goods can ship in 3~15 working days (out of stock products will report back and depend on factory production line), large amount order or customer specified OEM need to depend on factory production line, and in general condition, it will ship in 30~60 days.




Transportation-related Fees and Import Duties


  After ascertaining the freight of goods, the factors will affect follow-up delivery cost, and that are customs fees, documentation fees, loading and unloading charges, and other customs expenses. The aforementioned burden of costs in accordance with trading conditions of mutually agreed, it paid by responsible party. The import duties will depend on you or your products and importing countries. The assessment of tariffs on imported goods may be based on


- Product Value
Trade Agreements
Country of Manufacture
Use of the Product
The product's Harmonized System (HS) code

  The customs house officers assess the tariffs and other duties are based on packing labels, commercial invoices and other information shown on the relevant documents. According to international practices, tariffs and other taxes will charge to the consignee automatically, unless the shipper requests the bill paid by third party.

Breakage, Flaw Products Declaration Accepting Policy


  Please check all items when you receive the products. If you find the products have any breakage or flaw, please contact us by e-mail or fax with in written form and photos (please specify items, quantities and description of damage product) after you receive the goods and within 10 working days as soon as possible. If you have any questions or misgivings, please send an e-mail to , contact the responsible sales, makes a phone call to +886-226791177 also.

The service hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.