New Product

Ceramic Tea Ware

Borosilicate Glass

Composite Material

Famous Master


Tea Leaves

Tea Culture

History Gallary
     Ceramic Tea Ware
     Borosilicate Glass
     Tea Tray
     Composite Material|Composite Material

  • PA811
    7.8 oz / 230ml
  • DA811
    4.4 oz/ 130ml
  • CA811
    2.4 oz / 70ml
  • SA811-A
    6.4 oz / 190ml
  • PA811-LB
    18.8 oz / 555ml
  • MA811
    5.4oz/ 160ml
  • OA811-2
    13.5 oz / 400ml
  • OA811-1
    6.4 oz / 190ml
  • E-GA012-U1-A
    9.3 oz / 275ml
  • GA811PDC
    Teapot :230ml 、Pitcher :130ml 、Cup :70ml
  • GA811PLC
    Handle Pot :555ml 、 Cup:70ml
  • GA811A2
    Teapot :190ml 、Teacup :70ml
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Design Concept

Peony has national beauty and heavenly fragrance, and it has been regards as a symbol of rich, good luck, happiness, and prosperity. Peony is native to China’s woody rare flowers. From the Tang Dynasty, peony was enthroned as “national beauty and heavenly fragrance.” Despite the change of dynasty and vicissitudes of things, peony commanded all kinds of flowers, and had a profound effect also had high position. Use the line to draw lines, and use the way of polish gradually painted. The whole effect would show the special sense of pink.

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