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  • E-PA020-P3-B
    7.1oz / 210ml
  • E-DA024-D1-B
    6.8 oz / 200ml
  • E-OA012-02-B
    9.3 oz / 275ml
  • E-CA029-S1-B
    1.7 oz / 50ml
  • E-GA034-P8-A
    Teapot :210ml 、Pitcher:200ml、Cup:50ml
  • E-GA023-P3-A
    Teapot :210ml 、Cup:50ml

Design Concept

Twilight – End of autumn, September in Chinese calendar. The golden autumn, autumn wind brushed the dust gently from branches. When the golden tea pour out from teapot just like the rain pour the sweet juice into fertile soil quietly. Ge Ware’s gray glaze like frosts redden maple leaves softly and let people can enjoy the beauty of twilight when drinking tea. Cicada-type wooden grip conform to ergonomics, it is more skillfully when operating. Also, the wooden grip used thread design made the grip more cohered firmly. The style of teapot match with cicada-type wooden grip let the appearance of product more streamlined and rich concept of Meditation. Ice crack in Ge Ware is not a natural fragmentation, but firing deliberately, and called” hundred-fold crackles” in contemporary. The crackle was divided into mesh, elm flower, ice crack, and size crack. The color divided into grayish white, charcoal gray, black, apricot, and Agar Wood. The characteristic was steady and shiny, and there has small bubbles like pearls in glaze, and faintly visible, very chic.

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