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  • E-PA006-P1-B
    7.8 oz / 230ml
  • E-DA006-D1-B
    8.1 oz / 240ml
  • E-OA004-02-B
    11.1 oz / 330ml
  • E-CA001-B1-B
    2.5 oz / 75ml
  • E-CA006-S1-B
    1.2 oz / 35ml
  • E-MA002-M1-B
    3.2 oz / 95ml
  • E-GA008-P8-A
    Teapot:230ml 、Pitcher:240ml 、Teacup:75ml
  • E-GA001-M8-A
    Coved Teacup:95ml 、Pitcher:240ml 、Teacup:35ml

Design Concept

Peony had praised the “peony’s color just like red cheeks when drunk, the smell just like came from heaven” by a poet who was living in Tang Dynasty. From that moment, peony has “national beauty and heavenly fragrance” this title. Peony is king of flower in Chinese mind. Fantasy natural peony is fresh and pleasant, and it also highlights the peony’s acme of beauty and deportment.

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