New Product

Ceramic Tea Ware

Borosilicate Glass

Composite Material

Famous Master


Tea Leaves

Tea Culture

History Gallary
     Ceramic Tea Ware
     Borosilicate Glass
     Tea Tray
     Composite Material|Composite Material

  • E-PA004-P1-B
    6.4 oz / 190ml
  • E-DA004-D1-B
    6.6 oz / 195ml
  • E-OA002-02-B
    11.2 oz / 330ml
  • E-OA004-01-B
    5.4 oz / 160ml
  • E-CA004-S1-B
    2.5 oz / 75ml
  • E-UA003-U2-B
    8.3 oz / 245ml
  • E-GA001-M2-A
    Filter Cup :245ml 、 Caddy:330ml
  • E-GA001-B7-A
    Pot :555ml 、 Teacup:75ml
  • E-GA001-P4-A
    Teapot :190ml 、 Pitcher:195ml 、 Teacup:75ml
  • E-GA005-P8-A
    Teapot :190ml 、 Pitcher:195ml 、 Teacup:75ml

Design Concept

There are peony and birds on the tea set. The patterns of flowers and birds are painted with ink and highlight the stem vein. Peony painted by red pigment, peony’s petal blooming layer by layer. Some magpies are flying in the sky, and some chirping on the trees. This picture is fresh and natural because of birds sing and flowers distribute their fragrance.

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