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  • E-PA017-P3-B
    6.8 oz / 200ml
  • E-DA021-D1-B
    7.1 oz / 210ml
  • E-MA011-M1-B
    6.1 oz / 180ml
  • E-CA001-A1-B
    1.7 oz / 50ml
  • E-OA004-08-B
  • E-GA027-P8-A
    Teapot:200ml 、 Pitcher :210ml 、 Teacup:50ml
  • E-GA008-M8-A
    Covered Teacup:180ml 、 Pitcher :210ml 、 Teacup:50ml

Design Concept

There was a legend in China, when the romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day coming, the girl weaver will get the unmarried adult men and women to a roster. The Chinese Cupid will classify according to personality, good and evil, interest, and preference, and transcribe to a couple roster. The designer’s idea came from this ancient and romantic legend. Using pomegranate blossom which is symbolize satiation and happiness as the theme. Also, it collocates with soft but toughness two-color water vines as the grip ring of teapot, and the golden Chinese knot as the handle of tea cup. The whole tea set not only has the beautiful design and lucky meaning, also has a sweet function of practical, anti-hot, and good to grip. The multi-material and collocates with abundant colors. Let the tea set not only is a tool of brew tea, but connect the medium of emotion between people. Just a cup of tea moment, when you hold up a cup, all the misunderstanding can be solved. People can get together and get a warm feeling of destiny.

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