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  • E-PA018-P3-B
    8.1 oz / 240ml
  • E-DA022-D1-B
    7.8 oz / 230ml
  • E-CA027-S1-B
    1.7 oz / 50ml
  • E-OA005-08-B
  • E-GA003-14-A
    Teapot:240ml 、 Pitcher :230ml 、 Teacup:50ml

Design Concept

Eco Dragon is Eilong annual masterpiece. The art concept was use as origami, and to challenge the limit of difficulty of making. It created an honorable, brand-new, and supreme mold. Using the top mode of cutting just like diamond, Hearts and Arrows as the main body. It shows the cup as the body, the saucer as the cloud, and the Dragonscale with golden stroke reflect each other, just like the dragon flying in the sky. It conveys the moral of lofty, taste, and lucky. The lines of simple and modern showed the luxury of low profile. A well-executed cutting surface is now refracting the light, now sprinkling the shadow. The ever-changing lights and shadow just like taste the tea is now strong, now delicate fragrance. It is definitely worth to collect.

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