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  • E-CA011-S1-B
    2.4 oz / 70ml
  • E-PA007-P3-B
    4.7 oz / 140ml
  • E-DA010-D1-B
    4.7 oz / 140ml
  • E-GA011-P8-A
    Teapot:140ml 、Pitcher:140ml、 Teacup:70ml

Design Concept

Master Qi Baishi was born in 1863 A.D. (Qing Dynasty Tongzhi 2). He affected by contemporary and ancient artists, and inherited the basis of China painting, became a bold and innovative painter as well. He created a “safflower and leaves by ink” painting that formed self-style. Watching this painting carefully, you would feel the safflower in high spirits suddenly, and just like jump on the paper jubilantly. The unadorned strokes revealed a heartfelt blessing which outflow from luxuriant safflowers.

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