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Ceramic Tea Ware

Borosilicate Glass

Composite Material

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Tea Leaves

Tea Culture

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     Ceramic Tea Ware
     Borosilicate Glass
     Tea Tray
     Composite Material|Composite Material

  • PC303
    20.3 oz / 600ml
  • PC301
    6.8 oz / 200ml
  • DC301
    6.8 oz / 200ml
  • CC301
    2.7 oz / 80ml
  • CC303
    4.1 oz / 120ml
  • SC301
    6.8 oz / 200ml
  • PC302
    15.2 oz / 450ml
  • GC302
    Pot :450ml 、 Teacup:80ml
  • GC301
    Teapot :200ml 、 Teacup :200ml 、 Cup:80ml
  • GC303P4
  • GC002C6
    2.7 oz / 80ml
  • GC002
    Easy Pot:200ml、Teacup:80ml

Design Concept

The oxide of zinc, silicon, and titanium which is melted with potassium and sodium, and it become the base glaze. Coupled with pigment which was the writer wanted, and mixed the glaze put on the clay. It burn with high temperature (about 1260 degrees Celsius) and remained warmly from side to side to 1100 degrees Celsius for 2 to 6 hours. That is the method which the lattice formation and that is also a way of make crystalline glazed porcelain. Owing to the fluidity of crystalline glazed porcelain is very strong, therefore, the color of works were slightly different and not identical which produced in the same kiln.

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