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  • E-PA008-P3-B
    4.73 oz / 140ml
  • E-DA011-D1-B
    5.07 oz / 150ml
  • E-CA013-S1-B
    2.03 oz / 60ml
  • E-GA012-P8-A
    Teapot:140ml、Pitcher:150ml、Tea cup:60ml
  • E-GA016-P3-A
    Teapot :140ml 、Teacup :60ml

Design Concept

The beautiful Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flowers floating down the elegant white cup, the petals presented in many different color variations. The flowers had full of rich colors, magnificent, and flourishing. On the other hand, the innovative two-layer structure of ceramics and heat-resistant glass, you will not scald your hand when enjoying the warm tea. The texture of heat-resistant glass clears as crystal. Visually this creation shows a more in-depth level of beauty. The flowers seem to float up and eye-catching.

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