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  • E-CL004-DL-B
    3.4oz/ 100ml
  • E-CL003-DL-B
    6.8 oz / 200ml
    48pcs /1ctn

Design Concept

The glass material is cold tone, and its permeability and refraction just like water. The beech handle of warm tone symbolizes sun. Sun connect with sea level, it seems rising sun. The yellow-orange tea just like the golden sunset scatters on the sea level. This series on the design ideas, in addition to hoping to add some delights on vision, and we pursue the perfection in the structure of products. The handle of beech has an outstanding improvement in traditional insulation. It let you can easily take the lid and do not worry about the heat of tea. The improved two-layer structure, not only has good insulation, it also change to one-layer of the rim in the pate of the cup, more fitting user’s mouth. Let you feel more comfortable and enjoy the tea.

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