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HOMECeramic Tea Ware > All Products > Lazurite Jade Mug 
  • E-GA002-U1-A
    9.6 oz / 285ml
  • E-GA003-U1-A
    9.6 oz / 285 ml
  • E-GA004-U1-A
    9.6 oz / 285 ml
  • E-GA005-U1-A
    9.6 oz / 285 ml
  • E-GA007-U1-A
    9.6 oz / 285 ml
  • E-GA006-U1-A
    9.6 oz / 285 ml
  • E-GA008-U1-A
    9.6 oz / 285 ml

Design Concept

The material we used which is special immaculate clay to produce. In addition, we thinned the thickness of the cup body purposely, and it can be more translucent, light, and handy. Moreover, we added a handle of cup and the ball of lid which made of lazurite, it can able to bring out the characteristics of crystal mug, and fondle admiringly.

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