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Ceramic Tea Ware

Borosilicate Glass

Composite Material

Famous Master


Tea Leaves

Tea Culture

History Gallary
     Ceramic Tea Ware
     Borosilicate Glass
     Tea Tray
     Composite Material|Composite Material

  • E-PA012-P3-B
    5.2 oz / 155ml
  • E-DA016-D1-B
    5.4 oz / 160ml
  • E-CA022-S1-B
    1.4 oz / 40ml
  • E-MA008-M1-B
    3.9 oz / 115ml
  • E-OA008-02-B
    11.8 oz / 350ml
  • E-GA018-P3-A
    Teapot :155ml 、Teacup :40ml
  • E-GA028-P8-A
    Teapot:155ml 、Pitcher:160ml、 Teacup :40ml
  • E-GA009-M8-A
    Gaiwan:115ml 、Pitcher:160ml、 Teacup :40ml

Design Concept

Ju Ware was ranked first in five famous kilns in Song Dynasty. The kiln is located in Linju and Baofeng, Henan area. Ju Ware was famous for celadon, its color and luster are green, and glaze was thick and sparkling. Ju Ware change to azure during burning, it relies mainly on a small amount of iron in glaze. The unconscious defects (due to the dilatability of porcelain body and glaze are different) became a conscious decoration in the burning process.

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