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Ceramic Tea Ware

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Composite Material

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     Ceramic Tea Ware
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  • E-CA009-S1-B
    2.4 oz / 70ml
  • E-PA004-H1-B
    20.6 oz / 610ml
  • E-DA008-D1-B
    8.5 oz / 250ml
  • E-PA005-P3-B
    9.1 oz / 270ml
  • E-GA018-U1-A
    8.1 oz / 240ml
  • E-GA010-P8-A
    Teapot:270ml 、 Pitcher:250ml 、 Teacup:70ml
  • E-GA005-H7-A
    Pot:610ml 、 Cup:70ml

Design Concept

Yu Jun Kuo, Born in 1976 A.D... She learned ink and wash-painting from Guang-nan Huang, Cheng Zhou, Wu-guang Dai, and You Tsai, and learned glue painting from Qian-yu Zhan, Zong-guan Zhao. She created glue painting mainly in recent years, and still learning penmanship and ink and wash painting. She regarded nature and ancients as a teacher. She also regarded east ink and washing painting aroma in her glue painting as a responsibility. Persimmons which flame-red and satiation, the green leaves just like to drip down, having many various shapes. There was a charmingly naive oriole stay on the branches, its center of gravity tilted toward left. However, due to persimmons, it was cleverly and properly arranged between branches and leaves and birds. Not only didn’t have feeling of imbalance, but revealing a different kind of interest, and it was very lovely and harmony. Oriole was in a dynamic environment, it seem to slaver those satiable persimmons, it seem to fly away as well. In China, persimmon is a symbol of good luck since ancient times, and it also took its homonym means “all the best”.

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